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Alpaca Fleece

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Alpaca Fleece is fantastic to spin, weave or felt.
We have fleece available for every level of skill, in every colour, both Suri & Huacaya. For beginners we suggest Huacaya fleece because it is crimped, just like merino fleece. A micron range of 25-28 microns is probably easiest to start with.... It is easy to handle and easier to spin than anything finer. Concentrate on spinning a reasonably fine, even thread.

We charge around $5 per 100 grams for raw fleece. For more experienced spinners we have both Suri and Huacaya fleece at even finer micron. Choose the micron and the colour or tell us about your experience and what you want to make, and we’ll suggest the best we have that is suitable to your needs & price range. Raw Fleece [unwashed, straight from the Alpaca’s back] is priced between $10 to $40 per kilo. Slivers - carded and combed fleece is $25 to $60 per kilo. We give discounts for bulk

We even have our extra special fleece available to spinners, weavers and felters - fleece that have won at show - these fleeces are incredibly fine, with outstanding fleece stats and qualities. They should only be used by very experienced spinners. $70 per kilo is the amount you’ll usually pay. When you do spin alpaca we suggest that you spin from the middle of the lock, and don’t forget to over-spin a little. Remember that alpaca fleece is very, very slippery. We recommend that you spin Alpaca fleece dirty, then wash with a wool wash once the garment is complete. Every fleece order comes with the name of the alpaca & the fleece statistics

Alpaca Yarn

Alpaca Knitting Yarn - the MOST beautiful Yarn on Earth

Alpaca yarn has amazing thermal properties.

While everyone else makes yarns in 8 ply or thicker, we take the extra time and care to make yarn in 2 and 4 ply.   We spin some of our best fleece into knitting yarn. You just won’t ever wear a jumper made from 8 ply alpaca ~ for Australia, in most normal situations, it would be just too hot!

We have both Suri and Huacaya Yarn ~ from fleece of both types of Alpaca. They are in natural colours and are simply exquisite. And while both incredibly soft, the Suri yarn is the closest to silk!

You’ll need less balls of Alpaca Yarn for a jumper than you would otherwise use. Our balls of yarn are 50 gram balls, but because alpaca yarn is light, there is more length of yarn in an average ball, than you would find in a ball of woll from a sheep.

Our knitting wool has the fleece statistics on the label, and averages around 22 microns. This is much lower than sheep’s wool you would normally use.  All the alpacas that contribute their fleece graze in an organic environment.

One Ball of our wool is A$15.00 and comes in amazing undyed natural colours.

You’ll need less Alpaca Yarn for a jumper than you would otherwise use.
And a whole jumper could weigh as little as 300 grams!